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What you need

Firstly, what you don’t need is a real estate agent. They don’t understand or appreciate the complexities and processes involved in successfully promoting a development project. What you do need is a dedicated development project marketing and sales company that has the experience and expertise to ensure you maximise your return on investment.

Welcome to the Abel Projects WA experience

We are that dedicated project marketing company and we will provide you with a beginning-to-end solution that will be smooth, stress-free and completely focused on achieving the best possible result for you. Ours is a managed process that we are continually refining to stay in step with changing market conditions.

We also have the capability to intercept at any point during your project’s timeframe so if you’re not completely satisfied with your current arrangement, we’re ready to take control on your behalf.

It’s important to note that the breadth of our experience means we are not limited to simply promoting the sale of your project. If required, we can also provide the following services:

  • project feasibilities
  • historical sales data reporting
  • development site identification
  • support in the development approvals process
  • assistance with capital raising
  • introductions to local and international investors
  • detailed suburb or region analysis
  • buyer demographic profiles
  • advice on accommodation configurations
  • complete coordination of all pre-sale requirements including interior design recommendations, project renders, display staging and signage logistics
  • preparation of sales contracts and legal documentation through our law partners

Every project is different. Therefore, all our marketing strategies are customised.

We have an in-house marketing team that includes a brand manager, marketing coordinator, professional designers and copywriters and digital media operatives. This capacity means we can react very quickly to your requirements.

In our experience, one size does not fit all. Every project we have undertaken has unique characteristics such as timing to market, market conditions, buyer sentiment and local competition. It’s only once we have disseminated all of this information can we begin the process of formulating a targeted promotional plan.

Our buyer database is a key component of our marketing drive. These buyers, from a range of different areas, have requested to be the first-to-know about upcoming owner-occupier and investment opportunities. We are in constant communication with those on our database and this initiative has resulted in scores of sales before a project has been released to the general public.

Depending on the project characteristics, we will manage a comprehensive marketing campaign that can include the following media vehicles:

  • full website project promotion including professionally written descriptions, quality renders and downloadable collateral
  • 3D walk-throughs and promotional videos showcasing the project and the benefits of living in the development’s vicinity
  • the production of contemporary designed brochures highlighting the project’s features, benefits and inclusions
  • detailed price lists
  • print advertising pointed to local catchments
  • social media advertising and posts
  • digital marketing including AdWords campaigns, remarketing and promotion across the Google Network
  • targeted promotion on realestate.com.au

Critically, before any of the above initiatives are instigated, we will diligently ensure that our target market identification process is spot on before a cent is spent on promotion.

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